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Monitoring Employees Result in Improvement

Monitoring Employees Result in Improvement

Whether you are tracking your assets via asset tracking or using fleet tracking services, we know it is a proven fact that what gets measured will get improved in our organizations. If you have a fleet of trucks or just a team of field service staff, using GPS asset tracking technology is critical in providing transparency, efficiency and productivity.

Many trucking organizations, construction companies and government entities will track just their vehicles and leave their trailers as well as other assets out of their strategy. GPS trailer tracking, construction GPS tracking and government vehicle GPS tracking solutions offered by Position Intel make it very economical for you to track these assets with our real time fleet tracking solutions.

EOBR mandates can only be pushed back awhile longer before we all know they will go into effect. That said, it is important we work together to get ahead of these requirements and slowly implement our way there.

Monitoring your employees through GPS asset tracking does not have to be a negative transition, we find many team members find the increase in productivity and optimization of their days or routes to be a benefit as well. Often times, they appreciate the improvement of their logistics and operations because technology can eliminate a lot of unnecessary phone calls and disorganization.

Is Your Fleet Ready for EOBR Mandates?

Is Your Fleet Ready for EOBR Mandates?

If you have a fleet of vehicles than surely you are aware of the ongoing ELD and EOBR mandates requiring you to monitor your drivers’ hours of service along with other safety components.

In my opinion, this sets up organizations with fleets to embrace technology, improve their quality metrics and promote a safe driving environment for all drivers on the road today. Though I understand their are drawbacks and many opponents of this bill, I believe this will improve efficiency for logistics.


How to Become a STAR with Decision Making

How to Become a STAR with Decision Making

S.T.A.RStop. Think. Act. Review.
Are you quick to react? Do you often respond to an email and after hitting that send button regret it? Do you catch yourself changing your mind or opinion after you start speaking?

The STAR method will help you better plan your decisions, discussions and actions that will save you time, energy and possibly regret in the future.

STAR is a great way to create a culture amongst leadership and your team to drive quality, safety, improved communication and better decision making skills within an organization. Also, it is a great methodology to adapt for us as individuals. Whether it is at the workplace, with your children or in your marriage; the STAR method is a great way to make effective decisions.

It only takes a few minutes and even less after it has become habit for you, this is a simple and easy way to remember and a process that will assist you with any challenge or task.

Stop. Pause, take a deep breath, remove distractions and focus on the task or challenge at hand.
Think. What are you about to do? What would you like the result to be? How should you go about it? Whom does it affect?
Act. Complete the task, have the conversation or take the action as you planned.
Review. Did you get the expected result? What could you have done differently?

Life is all about an action and then a reaction, this method allows us to think about the reaction before taking action. It also allows for a quick review afterwards for you to analyze how it really went.

Next time you are feeling stressed, pressured or are faced with a challenging situation I challenge you to try the STAR method and I’m certain you will find it as useful as I do. It will also save you time and energy on the “reaction” you receive as you put the time and energy into thinking about it before you acted.


Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Though Stephen Covey is no longer with us, he left us with a wonderful gift and wealth of knowledge. As I often times tend to feel really over-committed, I reminded myself this evening of the habits Covey shared with me many years ago. May he rest in peace.

Below I will share these 7 habits along with a brief summary of what each habit really means. Next time you are feeling “unbalanced” or stressed out, take responsibility and look at these habits as a good reminder on how you can turn things around for yourself.

1. Be proactive: Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Take responsibility for your life and understand that you life’s choices are exactly that- yours.

2. Begin with the end in mind: Envision what you want to achieve so that you have a clear destination in mind.

3. Put first things first: Focus on your highest priorities (say no sometimes if you need to).

4. Think win-win: How can a situation come out positive for all involved? Always strive to achieve this.

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood: Listen, then talk. And just as important, listen for the true and deeper meaning.

6. Synergize: Use creative cooperation and the idea that “two heads are always better than one.”

7. Sharpen the saw: Take time to update your skills and to recharge your batteries. Keep physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life balanced.